3. Jun, 2018


Hi Mia, Our little Teddy has settled into his new home wonderfully. He is the perfect edition to our family and we are a pair of very obsessed fur parents. 10 weeks old and is pretty much toilet trained and knows how to sit and shake his little paw.. Thank
you for our little fur child :)

7. Dec, 2016


Hey Mia

Sook is a great dog, she's very well behaved and learns very fast, she listens to plenty of commands and eagerly obeys, such as sit, drop, roll-over, shake, and jump.

We're starting Agility training in January next year to keep her busy, as I run her for 2 hours daily and she doesn't tire out in the slightest.

She loves playing tug of war, the beach, and a going to the dog park near our house. Thank you so much.

12. Nov, 2016


Hi mia we just adore are new addition sasha to the family she gets on very well with our other bc indy they are inseparable thanks again

9. Nov, 2016


Hi Mia,

Freya has settled in so well. She loves her walks, toys and cuddles. She is very intelligent too- already knows how to sit, shake and drop. Everyone absolutely loves her and she has such a beautiful nature.

16. Oct, 2016

Mandy And Kelvin Ramm

Hi Mia. Here is a photo of Millie who is coming up to 3 years in December. She is a beautiful natured girl and a much loved member of our family. She is out on the boat whale watching in this shot. As you do! We are often getting compliments on how gorgeous
she is and I actually passed on your details to someone today. I hope all is well with you and yours ๐Ÿ˜Š

27. Sep, 2016

Caitlyn & Aaron

Hi Mia! Little Pippa has been getting up to plenty of mischief but keeping us so entertained. Everyone she meets falls in love with her!! She's already graduated puppy kindy and enjoys the sand between her paws at the beach. Thanks again we are so grateful
to have Pippa in our lives. Here is a cheeky snap of one of her adventures to the bathroom...

26. Sep, 2016


Melon Collie and Collie Flower sharing the trampoline bed together๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

26. Sep, 2016

Kym Howard

Hi Mia

Mel is enjoying playing with our border collie Flower, they adore one another and we adore them. Mel has already learnt to sit, follows us everywhere, loves the chickens and watching the sheep and lambs. Will keep you posted I am sure she will grow into a beautiful

22. Jul, 2016


Tibs is just adorable and very intelligent! Jody love him to bits thank you Mia. He is growing up too quickly and into everything, including burying his bones in my herb garden, hoots love puppies. He's a very faithful hound, thank you again!

19. Jul, 2016


Hi Mia, just wanted to say thanks again for my gorgeous boy. Max has settled in so well and already such a character. Smart, affectionate and cheeky couldn't ask for a better pup

Website 8. May, 2016


Hi! Sonny graduated puppy school, He was the best in the class haha, well at least in my eyes.

3. Feb, 2016


Hey Mia! Its been an amazing 6 months with my beautiful merle girl Darci. She is absolutely infactuated with my other dog Keita. She is crazy smart and gets compliments left right and centre about her beauty and temperament. Thank you, your dogs are amazing.

13. Dec, 2015


Merry Christmas Mia!

Mya & Gemma

29. Nov, 2015


Hey Mia!

just a drop in to say hi, and a update, can't believe Koda is nearly 1!! He's a pleasure to be around and he loves he's walks, he now has a younger borther to keep him company who he adores! He's such a ditsy boy but we love him :)

15. Nov, 2015


Junior (Mr Cool) joined our family Feb-15, he is a beautiful dog and has bought us so much joy to our household. His favourite morning exercise is when we bike with him to the park. He runs next to the bike easily & most of the time sets the pace! Loves
chasing the ball @ the park too. He's a champion & we love him.

9. Mar, 2015

Lacey Brunnen

Hi Mia!

Koda has been settling in so well to his new home! He's such a well behaved boy and loves all kinds of company. He's so loving and gentle and every person that walks past has to stop for a cuddle; but it's just a trap because they all end up falling in love
with him!

18. Feb, 2015

Felicia Hansen

Hi Mia,

Odin is the second pup that we have gotten through you. Angus (18 months), our choc boy, is a beautiful (calm, kind, patient, loving) cuddly boy, who loves running, bike riding, and playing. When his older brother passed away last year, and we looked at finding
Angus a friend, there was only one choice. We knew that any pup that came from you would be a wonderful and loving as Angus. Odin, our choc merle, slid as seamlessly into the family as Angus did. Odin has so many of the characteristics that make Angus such
a terrific dog, but is so definitely his own pup. Thank you.

(A quick note if you are reading this and thinking about puppies from Mia) Mia was so wonderfully helpful and would send as frequent photos of Odin as he grew. Mia obviously loves these puppies as they as so calm and LOVE being cuddled and handled, even by
very small children. We had to transport both dogs to Darwin, via air, and Mia was extremely helpful at organising this. Both boys traveled here with no dramas, and were both calm and happy to meet us. Angus often get compliments (Odin is far too young to
leave our yard yet) not only on his looks but also how calm and obedient he is. We would absolutely recommend Mia and her puppies.

Pictured: Angus (18 mo) and Odin minutes after they met for the first time.

4. Jul, 2014

Deb Gee

Hi Mia. Maggie has grown up to be a beautiful girl. She loves bush walks, swimming and being a clown. She is so friendly and always attracts a crowd wherever we go.

19. May, 2014

Astrid Richardson

Hi Mia,

Ruby, of your last year's litter from Shiraz and Charlie is now 10 months old, and we simply adore her. She was the star of puppy school and is now moving quickly through the grades at obedience school already, she is so smart! She loves people and is mad for
the tennis ball and for swimming, although she may have picked up those two obsessions from our 15 year old Border Collie who is equally obsessed! The two get along well, as you said they would of course, and I just want to thank you for little Ruby, she is
adorable and despite her teenage ways sometimes, we are absolutely in love with her. Thank you.

Astrid & Dean

11. Mar, 2014


Mia, thank you SO much for our lovely boy, Dexter! He has brought so much love and light into our family after a very sad 12 months! You were right, he was JUST what we needed!! <3 xxx

5. Mar, 2014


I have been looking at your photo albums. You have produced some of the most amazing looking border collies that I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful. I am almost ready to get another bc puppy and have put you at the top of my list!

14. Feb, 2014

Chris Avramidis and family

Hi Mia,

We are all so happy to have our precious โ€˜Liaโ€™ settling in with us in Adelaide, S.A. She has turned out to be a little sassy girl with bubbly and playful personality and been getting so much attention wherever we go (whoever sees her manages
to fall in love). She loves car rides and playing chasey in the backyard. We love seeing her grow each day and show us how smart she is! She and our 11 year old Border Collie Tasha, have started to get along well, with Tasha always looking out for Lia โ€“ we
hope they continue to form a sisterly bond. Thank you again for our beautiful Lia โ€“ she has brought our family so much happiness!

Chris, Nota, Daniel and Sarah x

14. Dec, 2013

Nando Sanchez

Hi Mia, It has been almost 7 months since Stradic our merle BC become part of our family, he LOVE's Stella our red BC and she love's him bakc they are best mates. Stradic is growing so much and starting to get long hair (love it) he still have one eye
with blue spots and the other one half blue half brown :)
We are very happy of having him with us and love him some times too much, almost everyday sleep in bed with us and he loves to either spoon with us or be my pillow :). Thank you again for such a
wonderful life friend.
Oohhh he is a spring love's jumping, is on his blood, must be his background, can't wait to start him on agility, so far is dong great in abidience.

For everyone else if you looking for a puppy with great background life
and awesome temperament don't thing again miasborders is the way to go.

21. Nov, 2013

Bill and Leonie Caton

Hi Mia, Banjo has settled in really well. He has been a really good boy from the first night we got him home. I thought we would have some trouble for a couple of nights, but no, he is just amazing. He can sit, lie down, he is learning to play soccer,
roll over and even do somersaults. Whenever we take him out everyone comments on what a gorgeous looking dog he is and can't get over the colour of his eyes. THANK YOU MIA for our boy. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND HE BRINGS SUCH JOY TO BILL AND MYSELF

11. Oct, 2013

Amy, Kieran and Bailey

Our sweet little girl Bailey has been with us for a month now and we are just over the moon with her. She is always getting cuddles and compliments from everybody she meets! Her personality has blossomed into a sweet yet spicey girl with attitude! At 11
weeks she can sit, stay, lay down, roll over, shake, high five, and put em up! To say she is a smart little thing is an understatement! Mia was a gem to deal with and sent us photos as she grew! We are more than happy! Thank you for the newest member of our
family! :)

17. Sep, 2013

Wendy Campbell

Hi Mia, we are just amazed with our new beautiful girl Reese! She is just everything you said she would be. The boys are over the moon and want to take her for show and tell this week! She is so placid compared to other pups I've seen. Extremely beautiful
girl and thanks for organising her to come down and sending the kids pics every week of her growing much appreciated! She will be a great help on the farm too!

Thanks heaps,

Wendy, Adam, Brody and Chayse xo

12. Sep, 2013

Natalie, Lauren, Wayne and Sharon

Hi Mia,
We picked up our gorgeous (we're slightly biased) Tango almost 1 year ago. It's hard to believe she is already one year old. Tango is cheeky, fun, affectionate and will do absolutely ANYTHING to go to the park and play ball or at home with
her beloved frisbee. Our beautiful girl is a real attention seeker and will take pats from anyone. Thank you, we love her to bits!!

11. Sep, 2013

Deborah Gee

Dear Mia, Maggie is everything and more that I could have hoped for. She's beautiful, genuine, happy and such a clown. She's so smart and knows exactly how to make us laugh. She's become such a big part of our family in such a short space of time. I'm
looking forward to some obedience and agility with her. Everyday is a joy with Mags.

11. Aug, 2013

Tracey Oxlade

Thank you Mia for our gorgeous little boy, Rocco. He fits in so well with our family. Misty and he were friends instantly. He has a beautiful nature and is very smart. He has just had his first outing to the beach. Very exciting! We are looking very forward
to many happy years together.

Website 25. Apr, 2013

Simon and Simone

OMG... we have had Gypsy now for about 8 weeks and she is amazing. Her nature is adorable and she is so playful. She told us she was an outdoor dog, and so happy living outside, but enjoys a cuddle and pat on the couch when she's ready.
She loves
catching up with Smokey her brother who lives close by in Perth, and has has become a shadow when working in the garden.
A wonderful pet from a highly recommended breeder.

18. Apr, 2013


Well, my beautiful girl Myrtle has been with us for 7 weeks and it feels like we have had her for ever. She has such personality and has fitted in to our family so well. She has particularly bonded with our 13 year old border collie Rodney who
tolerates her with good grace! Also gets along well with our other dogs, 15 year old kelpie and 10 year old Missy. Now completely crate trained, only the odd mishap in the house if I am not listening to her.
Has started herding the geese (when she can
get to them) and would spend all day collecting balls if you threw them, and gets the "zoomies" each evening when we all stand aside!
Thank you Mia for my lovely girl! Attached pic is her helping on the farm.

14. Mar, 2013

Stacy Jobson

Our beautiful merle boy Smokey arrived 5 days ago, and we love him to bits! He is very calm, has already learnt to sit, only took 2 days of my 18mth old daughter running around him for him to lose interest... Just the best dog we could have hoped for.
I met the lovely family that took his sister Gypsy and they have already had a play date - see pic.
We were concerned that it was a big trip for him, but he seemed absolutely fine and settled into our family really quickly. Thank you for our lovely boy
Mia :)

Website 8. Dec, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Forgot to put our photo!

Website 8. Dec, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Sirius arrived a few days ago and he is such a beautiful, calm boy! He and our other Shamefulchoc baby, Adhara (10 months), are already great friends! Thanks Mia, your dogs are the best! X

4. Dec, 2012


Meet our gorgeous girl, Georgie!! We picked her up last night and we fell in love with her the second we saw her.

She has been spoilt with kisses and cuddles from our three boys (and maybe quite a few from me!). She has only gone to the toilet
on the grass and made no mess through the night!

We didn't hear a peep from her all night and she slept soundly in her kennel with a few stuffed animals to keep her company.

Will update regularly but for now we wish to thank you Mia so so
much for the gorgeous new addition to our family xxxx

8. Oct, 2012


Hi Mia,
Gypsy has settled in well with her new Family. We bonded instantly with a temperment that every one has fallen in love with. She is quite the explorer loves the garden and fresh air. She is intelligent beyond what I could have imagined at such
a young age. Everywhere we go she's the centre of attention..and she loves it :)
She has not barked once since I've had her.
Training her has been great because of how much she loves her food.
Thank you so much for all the photo's and updates on
Gypsy. She is a very happy little girl & we love her to bits.

18. Sep, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Adhara is 7 and a half months old now. Last weekend we went out bush with her to a lovely rock and camping ground about an hour out of town. She had a wonderful time! Never wandered or ran away and kept an eye on us all.

27. May, 2012

lynda challands

The beauitful zac at 4months in his harness in the car heading off to obedience training. What an absolute joy this boy is. beautiful temperament and as smart as a whip. He loves obedience and all the other pups. Have also taken him to sheep herding class for city slickers.. He is a bit of a natural.

6. May, 2012

Kim Clark

Hi Mia,

I would like to thank you so much to our new addition to our family. I was very nervous about purchasing a pup that i couldnt meet, cuddle or to check out his personality. He is an absolute jem he sits, drops, stays, hi 5's amoungst other things never jumps on the kids or anyone else he sits straight at your feet and waits paitently for a pat. He has only barked once since we have had him a very quite and sweet natured little boy.

He likes going to the shack and loves it on the boat he sits up on the seat and looks around at the scenery like a person. When we pull a fish up he sits there and waits patiently and once the lid goes on the fish box he sits on it and guards it till we pull another one in.

He didn't even cry on the first night and has only had a couple of accidents inside.

Everyone loves Ralph and comments on his coloring and how well behaved he is for his age. My partner loves it he thinks Ralf is a chick magnet.

If your looking for a family pet who has an awesome temperament with children and is a very people dog I wouldnt think twice about recommending Mia.

Mias comunication from start to recieving Ralf was second to none

Thanks again Kim

Website 22. Apr, 2012

Molly & Lewis Johnson

Hi Mia,

Adhara had her 11 week birthday on Friday which means we've had her for just over 3 weeks.

She is proving to be a very clever and sweet little girl. She loves loves pulling on ropes, growling at old gardening gloves, running around crazily, and being softly rubbed on her tummy (among other things). She likes shaking hands with new friends and is great to train.

She cried the first night but has slept through ever since. She prefers to go to the toilet on the back lawn and lets us know when she needs to go. We have had very few accidents. She has never once messed in her crate - always holds on 'til morning.

Everyone loves Adhara and comments on her beautiful coat and eye colour, sweet nature and brightness.

We are totally smitten with her.

Thank you so much!

7. Apr, 2012

Anne Houston

Hi Mia,
Just to let you know that we are all so happy with little Pippa. She is a gorgeous puppy and we couldn't ask for more.

She is keeping us amused with her 'crazy' puppy antics - we just love watching her. She has her basket full of plastic milk containers, pine cones and anything she can chase around; dragging the brush about the back yard is her speciality! She's perfect at nightime and sleeps during the night never giving us any bother at all.

As you know Mia she was a surprise for my son and he's so happy with her. She's a bright little cookie and he looks forward to getting home every day to see her.

Thanks so much! We'd highly recommend your puppies. Here's a couple of photos.


6. Apr, 2012

Lynda Challands

Hello Mia

Well day three has arrived. What can i say other than they are absolutely beautiful and so different in their personalities.

They sleep well through the night both of them managed to hold on until i let them out of their crate this morning to go to the toileyt . Which was a great start.

I can tell you this a 52 year old woman cannont compete with two puppies i am exhausted already. We all have a nana nap in the afternoon as the morning from 6.00am is jam packed with adventures.

Expensive toys who needs them we love that coke bottle, pine cones and the sock we stole from your bedroom this morning when you werent looking along with the folded cardboard box great for hiding behind.

Anway ZAC (black and white ) is very playful and relaxed while Merle (who is fast becoming a choc merle)is into absolutley everything which includes Zac and I if we stand still long enough. If started to round up Zac this morning slowly stalking him .

Anway will include some pictures from my phone until i can find where i hid the battery charger to my camera.

Im very happy to have them here wth me and love them to bits. Threy are a credit to you.


31. Mar, 2012


It's been almost 3 weeks since we welcomed Jupiter into our home and she has been a little ball of crazy! We love her to death.
She's already caught on to herding the chickens and she loves it. She is also learning very fast and is just the most kind-hearted little girl, loves her cuddles in the morning. Here she is with her favourite red ball.

26. Mar, 2012

Jodi Wieland

We bought our little "Rogue" from Mia and he has to be the sweetest natured and most child friendly dog I have ever struck. He will happily just cuddle up with my kids (4, 2 and 6 months) and take a nap. If the baby is upset he is the first to be over there making sure he is ok. A good look, a quick sniff and just plops down beside him, they are firm buddies! I have 2 other Border Collies (one the same age as Rogue) and they are/were not anywhere near as quiet and sweet natured as our little man. Definitely bread and nurtured to be a very child friendly dog!

Hes also not aggressive with other dogs in the least. He was the strong but silent type at puppy school. Just sat and watched the others vie for dominance and only felt the need to interact/respond if aggressively challenged. Just another testament to his beautiful temperament. He is a real gentle and affectionate soul.

As an added bonus he is just beautiful. Great coat, beautiful markings and fantastic eyes (even if they are slightly different colours). Even our vet (who has border collies) remarked on his good looks. We have also had no barking, no digging and no whining at all. He is one chilled little dude.

In the 2 weeks since we have had him he is fully house broken, crate trained, goes to the toilet on command, sits on command and will lay on command. Like all puppies he can be distractible but certainly has some smarts. Our little girl (different breeder) who is the same age is much more feisty, resistant and a total firecracker to be honest. She is VERY full on and he copes with her very well. When he has had enough he just sits on her to prove he is dominant. Thats as aggressive as he gets.

I could go on and on about our little guy. We love him to pieces and couldn't be more happy with him. If I had the space (and perhaps not 3 small children, a 8 year old BC and 2 cats - he's friends with all by the way) I would have many many more of Mia's pups. In fact Im banned from looking at her litter pictures because I want them all! In hindsight as much as we love our little girl, had I know what I do now and that Mia had more pups coming, I would have got our second one from her too.... I cannot say enough good things about Mia as a breeder or Rogue as a dog!

If your looking for a family pet, with a great temperament and one who is really people friendly Mia is your breeder. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase a puppy. Especially those who have children.

14. Nov, 2011

Taj Jones

Mia Chesney is a fantastic dog. She is so young & yet she works like a dream already & is going unbelievably well!! Thanks for breeding such good looking, hard working dogs with amazing stamina & personality plus as well!!! Best all round dogs I have ever seen!!!

24. Oct, 2011

Yvonne Young

Hi Mia,
Thank you so much for letting me have your darling chocolate boy, Alfie. He is the most gorgeous little fellow, a border collie in every way with the most endearing temperament. He has a fabulous coat, great bone and most importantly loves everyone and nothing is too difficult for him!! Alfie has so much potential and I am so grateful to have him. He will be a future star.
Thanks again,