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25. Feb, 2022

Darryl & Family

Wow! What a gorgeous girl. Little PIPPA is playful, obedient, loves water and all round delight!! So happy to have her as part of our family xo thank you

9. Feb, 2022


I have had the handsome Arlo since just before Christmas and I can honestly say he has been the best pup I have ever had. (He is my 3rd border collie throughout my life) He is so well behaved, eager to learn and is loved by everyone who sees him.

Arlo's day job is receiving cuddles and pats from clients in a hair salon, he is just so chill while he is in the salon.

I would definitely recommend Mia and one of her pups to anyone!

19. Jan, 2022

Jennifer Kelly

I got Buddy for Christmas last year "the best Christmas present ever" and he's so adorable, loved playing his toys. Thank You so much Mia💖

10. Jan, 2022


I’ve had my little Lucy girl for almost 4 weeks now. She’s the most perfect example of a Sable Bordercollie I think I’ve ever seen. I’m a few short weeks she’s learnt to sit, wait, lay down, spin and use the doggy door which came hand in hand with her
toilet training.

She’s such a gorgeous girl and she’s fit into my little animal tribe so seamlessly.

A huge thank you to Mia for meeting me at the border after a long drive up from Melbourne. Your pups are pure gold and she was well worth the long haul.

4. Nov, 2021


Our new addition to the family. I don't think I need to say anymore, the image speaks for itself. Many thanks Mia.

19. Aug, 2021


Our very confident and inquisitive girl Paige - 7 months old! She has brought us and her big brother Toby so much joy. We will be forever grateful that we came across Mia and her borders. They are all so beautiful!

18. Aug, 2021


This is our beautiful Marley at 6 months. We love him dearly! We do think that he thinks he is one of the kids and will spend endless hours playing with them in the back yard.

9. May, 2021


Bailey Is Coming Near Her 2ND Birthday and-has turned into a beautiful calm and obedient dog , He is now active with sheep which he is a natural and is enjoying his time with them ,

12. Oct, 2020


Mocha is 5 months old.

We got him through Mia during COVID-19 and we cannot appreciate enough how helpful and supportive Mia was for the entire process.

Mocha surprises us everyday how well natured dog he is! He was also the star of his puppy pre-school class because of his great nature!

Thank you Mia for such a wonderful gift.

Website 17. Jul, 2020

Rhonda Pettyfor

Murphy is 1 year old next month. She is a joy very smart.

Thank you Mia we are so happy with her. She has 2 Golden Retrievers in her family and 4 cats.

18. Jun, 2020


Our beautiful new baby Jojo has just graduated from pre school puppy class...we are so proud of him....he melts our hearts....even though he can be naughty.....thank you Mia for our beautiful boy

10. Jun, 2020


Thank you, Mia, for our beautiful little Nala. She's happy, confident, and a wee bit sassy. And, oh my, is she a stunner. Everything we could have asked for in a puppy.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we weren't able to visit Nala or pick her up. She arrived by a dog movers delivery this time last week. Mia was wonderful in answering my many questions and helping make decisions from afar. Our weekly photo updates were very much

Thank you for our wonderful Nala, Mia. We love her to bits.

6. Jun, 2020

Adam & Katie

Little Miss Dixie is settling in well, we love her! She is a character, very sweet and slightly mischievous... in a good way. Her big brother Byron is already looking out for her and helping us to train her. Thank you Mia for making all of this very seamless
and friendly and we're so happy that we have our Dixie girl.

2. May, 2020


Our wonderful Keeva turned 1 today. She is the most beautiful dog who completes our family. She is great with the boys and loves doing anything we are doing.

22. Dec, 2019


Bailey has turned into a beautiful dog this past few months , He is besties now with his new brother Bailey and they look a good game of football in the park or a good swim at the beach , He is also very gentle when he comes to my 1 year old who absolutely
loves him , They enjoy a good game of tug of war

4. Oct, 2019

Maddie & Georgia

Hey Mia!

This is Hendrix, he’s only been here a week but he’s already the best boy! He’s an absolute boof with the best temperament and is an absolute heartbreaker. Can’t wait until we can take him to the beach after all his shots!

9. Aug, 2019

Dave & Amelis

Hi Mia, This is our Tito, at 6 months of the most pure love. He is such a friendly boy. He loves to go the park and meet with his friends where he jumps into the creek several times.

4. Jun, 2019

Annegreet Mientjes

Happy birthday Misha .. 2 today. She had grown into a beautiful girl who loves her walks and ball play

6. May, 2019


Hi Mia! Rosie says hi! She is such a lovely little girl Mia, loves the beach and anything to do with water. I’m constantly amazed with how smart Rosie is, she has got such a beautiful temperament. Thank you again for my little best mate Mia. Rosie is now
6mths :)

6. Apr, 2019

Jane & Jason Scott

This is our new little pup Allira, she is just the sweetest natured, most easygoing little pup. She has the most beautiful coloured eyes & her splodges of all different colours through her fur are just beautiful... Thank you Mia, you have given us such
an amazing pup & we are more than happy to send people your way, you breed really special, beautiful natured pups... thank you ♥️♥️

13. Feb, 2019

Cass and Simon

Thank you Mia for our beautiful Bodhi aka Little Boo. He is such an amazing little guy, arriving at 8 weeks basically toilet trained. Bodhi gets all the pats and attention each time we are out and about, everyone just falls in love with his hazel eyes,
brown coat and beautiful nature.

He has also taken to the beach, loves running along the sand and even made it onto the paddle board!

We cannot thank you enough for the perfect addition the family.

31. Dec, 2018

Brooke Haseldine

Hello Mia,

I want to thank you for all your guidance and the beautiful upbringing you gave to our perfect little fur baby. Isla is the most fun, playful, gentle and loving addition to the family we could have ever asked for. When she arrived she was basically already
toilet trained - at eight weeks she would always sit at the door to go outside to do her business. A week later she sits, shakes, stays, comes and has started rolling on command. The smartest little pup we know!

As a Christmas surprise for my better half we can not thank you enough - to us she is perfect and our best friend already. The best gift he could have ever asked for.

Thank you for sending me lots of photos prior to her coming home and all the advice you gave me to be the best Puppy Mumma.

Wishing you a happy new year with lots more happy pups in 2019!!

We can not recommend you enough..

Best regards,

Brooke Haseldine and Nick Chivers

4. Nov, 2018


Hi Mia!

Ellie is doing absolutely great! We are all loving her cheeky company and she loves the water so much! She jumped right in and loves rounding up the kids haha.

Thank you for giving us such a companion to our family, she is very loved.

Kind regards,

Monique, Patrick and Zane.

29. Jul, 2018


Hi Mia,

This is Jessie, we picked up our beautiful little girl on 23/6/2018.

She has settled in very well . She loves her morning runs, afternoons with mates at the park, river swims and playing soccer.

Thank you again for breeding such a beautiful addition to our family.

2. Jul, 2018


Photo of Teddy Attached now :-)

2. Jul, 2018


Teddy Bear says hi Mia :-)

He’s 14 weeks now and loves the Gold Coast, he’s super friendly and everyone loves him!!

Thanks for letting us give him a wonderful life

Rachel and Rhys

21. Mar, 2018


Hi Mia,

Our beautiful boy Hachi turned one year old over the weekend and we wanted to show you his progress!

He is so gorgeous, intelligent, and has the sweetest nature. Like his parents, he’s a big fan of taking himself for a swim or a roll in the mud. I’m sure you’d be very proud of him!

Ps. Hachi has more Instagram followers than us nowadays! He’s too cute. @HachiTheBC

20. Mar, 2018

Charlie & Gisela Camenzuli

Hi Mia, This is Sam - 12 months old now and a very happy healthy boy.

31. Oct, 2017

Nicole McClure

Hi Mia!

Here’s a photo of Leroy who turned 2 on Friday... just wanted to say thank you again.... he is an absolutely gorgeous boy, everybody comments on his handsome looks and he’s a big softy, always sidling up to anyone he meets for a pat and a chat! Our 3 boys adore
him, and he loves running amok in the creek and bush near our house playing their chase and hide and seek games with them. He really is a very chilled little guy, and he’s not only won our hearts but the rest of the neighbourhood’s too!

Best wishes from the McClure’s.

26. Oct, 2017


Hi Mia

We thought we would share a photo of Xander as today is his first birthday. He has grown into a beautiful, friendly (sometimes cheeky) and very intelligent boy. He brings a smile to our faces everyday. Thanks Mia! From the Roebucks

5. Sep, 2017

Hifumi Shibata

Hi Mia

It has been an amazing life experience having such a wonderful puppy since we picked him up on 30/07/17. Max has settled into our family and living environment without any trouble. Every stranger can't help to not to pat him. He is the smartest puppy at the
puppy school. Max gets on well with all puppies that he meets. We are still over the mooon !!! Thank you.

4. Sep, 2017


This is Archer. Picked up last November. He's without question the perfect dog for us! He settled in right away, and arrived toilet trained (bonus!) He's all mischief, energy, and he's smart (occasionally out smarting his humans). He's also loving, full
of licks, and good at cuddles. People stop us to tell us how beautiful he is all the time. We're so happy with him! Thank you!!!

28. Aug, 2017


We picked up Misha on aug 12 2017. She is super cute, settled well and is great friends with my 2 yrs old grandson

27. Aug, 2017

Charlie & Gisela Camenzuli

Got our gorgeous boy Sam in May and he is now nearly 6 months old. Very smart, very mischievous and we love him to bits.

19. May, 2017

Michelle & Konrad

Torah's picture (It didn't attach previously, sorry)

19. May, 2017

Michelle & Konrad

We picked up our lilac border collie girl, Torah one month ago and I think she might just be the worlds happiest (and most beautiful) dog. She is so intelligent and loads of fun.

We want to thank you for toilet training her - it has made things much easier at home She is only 12 weeks old and already sits, drops and stays. Fast learner.

Torah is the best natured puppy. We absolutely love her to bits. Thank-you for bringing her into our home and hearts!

Website 21. Mar, 2017


A Big thanks to Shamefulchoc puppy owners . Its is so nice on a rainy day here to read through my Guest Book page . Great stories guy's thank you . Life wouldn't be the same with out our dog's Borders that is.

18. Mar, 2017


Jax officially the dog with the longest tongue in the world wanted to pop in and let you know he is doing great. 10 months old now. Loves : Tennis ball, giggle ball, football, soccer ball basically anything that is round and rolls. Best personality.. couldn't
be happier with him.

6. Mar, 2017


Hi Mia,

Oscar is an amazing little dog, and we are so happy to have him. He loves to cuddle just as you said he would. Thank you so much!

Website 15. Feb, 2017


Hi mia!

A year since we have had sonny now! He has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. He is such a happy special boy! Puts a smile on anyone's face.

11. Jan, 2017


Hi Mia,

We are just soo thrilled to have our gorgeous Shelby, shes just the most wonderful natured puppy and I cant believe how fast she took to settle in with us, even after her flight to Melbourne. Shelby loves to chase balls, play games and follow me everywhere
haha. I would highly recommend Shamefulchoc Border Collies as a breeder to anyone wanting a spectacular puppy. Shelby slept through the night very well so fast and has learned to sit and stay and come when he name is called, 'some of the time' what a clever
girl. What more can I say but Shelby has filled that empty space in my heart.

2. Jan, 2017


We got Archie 3 1/2 months ago and he is growing at a rapid rate. He has done puppy school and we are hoping to more advanced training as he is super intelligent. He loves the beach and loves people. He is such a character and is super cheeky but so loyal
to my husband and I, we absolutely love him.

12. Dec, 2016


Cortez down in western Victoria. He's so placid .

10. Dec, 2016


This is Jack. Jack is the loveliest little thing; a regular pocket rocket. He's funny and smart. My favourite thing is him inhaling my face. He literally breathes it in. He's already been obedience approved for council (not bad as he's 10 months old) so
we are taking him through some more formal stuff now. He has a pack of BCs he walks with regularly. We bought him to help our older blind BC. And help he has. Toby is more happy now than he was before largely due to Jack. He's also a smoocher. Thanks Mia.
He's great

22. Nov, 2016

Michelle Gander

Our beautiful pepper at 6 months, hes such a enegetic loving boy! The vets love him and he loves playing with our other pug dog!

Hes a real charmer! Takes us ages to go for walks as we have to keep stoping for pats and be told how beautiful he is!

1. Aug, 2016


Ruby and the cats have welcomed Archie into the house with open arms. He's already a beautiful companion to Ruby, who lost her mate at 16 years last year. He's a clever little cookie and already walking happily on the lead and sitting when asked. The kids
absolutely adore him and I've caught the husband snuggling him on the lounge when he thought no one was looking. Archie has been like a breath of fresh air in the house and we now couldn't imagine life without him. Thankyou Mia for our bundle of fluff with
bright blue eyes.

27. Jun, 2016


Our beautiful boy Blaze. Full of affectionate, smiles and a tongue way to big for his mouth. He brought an endless amount of joy into our lives. So pretty that everyone thought he was a girl ! And just the right amount of cheekiness to keep us on our toes.
You are producing amazing friends Mia, keep doing what you are doing ! Thank you for giving us Blaze.

18. Apr, 2016


Hi Mia,

Hud has settled into the family well and is already chasing tennis balls and returning them. If only we could get him to do the same with Aaron's work boots!

15. Mar, 2016


Didnt post a very good pic of Arya before.

Shes just adorable and is practising really hard at her agility class.

22. Jan, 2016


Hi Mia,

Here is Aryas sister Charli, she's a beautiful dog with a beautiful nature and we love her to bits

19. Dec, 2015


Our beautiful girl Arya turned one on Friday. Shes brought so much joy to our family. Shes the most perfect and beautiful girl here on the Goldie. There isnt a day when we're not stopped by someone to tell us how adorable she is.

18. Oct, 2015

Emma and Andrew

Hi Mia

Billy is now 13 months old and he is such a beautiful boy, who loves to play, he is very much a part of our family.

28. Sep, 2015

Robert Butler

Hi Mia

After searching around I came across Shamefulchoc Border Collies. I have always wanted a chocolate boy, so once I found this site and read all of the awesome stories people were telling, I knew this was the place for me (it's even in the name). Picked up Spot
2 days ago now and he has settled in marvellously. He gets along awesomely with our other dogs has a fondness for sleeping on the floor instead of his bed, but each to their own haha. We are absolutely in love with him and couldn't be happier with our Spot.
Thank you again for everything and all the work that you guys do:)

9. Jun, 2015


Hi Mia,

Sally and Pearl have settled in very well and received top honours in puppy school.

As you can see they are both still very close.....

Thanks for the lovely puppies.

25. Jan, 2015

Emma & Andrew

Hi Mia

Billy took no time at all to settle in and it feels like he's been with us forever. He is such a cheeky boy and loves playing cricket with our boys

14. Jan, 2015

Leonie & Bill Caton

Hi Mia, thought you might like the latest photo of Nellie and Banjo. They are so great together and get up to a lot of mischief still, but that will change as they grow. Nellie is now 9.4kg and loves her food. She is 16 weeks old now.

5. Jan, 2015


Happy New Year Mia!

Gemma is just lovely, growing fast, loves walks & cuddles. Baz & Gem get on so well.

22. Nov, 2014

Leonie & Bill Caton

Nellie (Montana's Lass) is fitting in beautifully. Banjo just loves her and they get on so well. They love playing tug-of-war together. Photo of them sharing some yoghurt. Thanks Mia.

9. Sep, 2014


Halo took about 5 minutes to settle in when we got her home on Saturday and then about another 5 to take over the house. She has been 'rounding up' our Cavoodle and they are inseparable - & she already has the upper hand (the poor simple boy). We are all
absolutely in love with her.

Despite her luxurious bed she prefers to sleep on my pillow :)

9. Sep, 2014

Jen Dalton

Hi Mia,

Our girl, Gemma arrived yesterday and has been happy and relaxed from first meeting. We are all loving our new 'baby' in the house !

Slept all night and has just fitted in ....& with our other dogs as well...amazing. Thanks for all your support and chats.

Will keep in touch.

Jen,Brad,Sam & Mya (Canberra)